The Farm Castelluccio is a small family business consists of Pietro, Paola and sons Daniele and Elisa. Just outside Arezzo, was bought by the great-grandparents of Mrs. Paola in 1900 and passed from father to son. Paola lived there until her marriage to Peter, who lived in another house in the area.

With the creation of the farm has sought to protect and respect as much as possible the original traditions. The stay at this farm is ideal for those who want to spend their holidays in peace and harmony with nature. Children can run and play freely, observe animals and insects strangers and make friends with the animals of the farm. If you wish, you can gather together in a joyful and delicious tables in the restaurant, eating farm products such as wine, dessert, coffee and a special "Vin Santo di Piero."

The Farm Castelluccio is a farmhouse built in local stone, set in a small village inhabited and frequented by locals. Historically there were reports of human settlements and the formation of many rural towns and fortifications after the Lombard invasion occurred around 575 AD. There is no evidence but probably in ancient times Castelluccio was a small fortified castle from which later came the current name. The earliest records we have of an area well-organized inside Badia (Badia San Veriano) up to 1095 AD.